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The Rehoboth Minute Company
13th Continental Regiment
welcomes you to it's home page.

Original Company History

Originally chartered in 1774 by the town of Rehoboth as a town Militia unit, the unit was comprised of mixed Militia and Minutemen, totaling a force of 210 troops by 1775, under the command of Capt. John Daggett of Attleboro and Col. Timothy Walker of Rehoboth. Ten days before the confrontation between the British and American forces at Concord and Lexington, the unit was sent to Freetown Ma., on April 9, 1775; without a shot being fired, seized 40 stands of British arms, munitions, and accoutrements. On April 19th of the same year, the Rehoboth Company was dispatched to the Roxbury and Dorchester area of Boston, where as part of the Massachuseof the troops were absorbed into Washington's Continental forces during the American army's reorganization in 1776 at the Boston camp. Many members of the original unit went on to serve with Gen. George Washington's Continental forces in the 13th Continental Regiment.

Colonel Thomas Carpenter took over the remaining town Militia in 1776. Under Carpenter, the unit took part in battles such as the battle of White Plains, the Battle of Rhode Island, the battle at Yonkers, N.Y., and the battle of Long Island.

The Rehoboth Minutemen and Militia was a active and formidable defense system for the town until April 24, 1840, at which time it was disbanded by General Order.

Recreated Company History

Reorganized and commissioned in 1992 by the town of Rehoboth for our 350th anniversary celebrations, in 1993, the unit provided military support for the "reclamation" or "takeover" ceremonies of the original Rehoboth township which encompassed the following communities: Attleboro, North Attleboro, Seekonk,and Swansea, Mass., Cumberland, Pawtucket, East Providence, Barrington, Warren and Bristol, R.I.. The members of the Company were all town committee members for Rehoboth's Revolutionary War Encampment and Battle held October, 1993.

Since our founding, we have taken part in numerous parades, ceremonies, encampments, and battle re-enactments for various communities. The present recreated group portrays the original 1774 unit in civilian dress, accoutrements and firearms. Individuals and families are encouraged to participate with the unit as musketmen, drummers and fifers.

In 1995, the unit was incorporated as a non-profit, educational organization by it's present members, and has joined such organized groups such as the Continental Line, The Burning of the Valleys Military Association,Inc., The Living History Association and a proud member of the Commanders Round Table. The Continental Line is a body of Revolutionary War re-enacting groups such as ours dedicated to living history education. We are always open to new members, men and women  for the musket line (age 16 and up) . Men, women and children to demonstrate colonial crafts and support the unit camp life.  Please contact one of our officers with any questions.  We will supply clothing, muskets  and equipment free to new members for a trial period. If you like history this may be the time to give this wonderful new hobby a try.

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